Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dad and Mom (1 year ago today 2/14/12)

Dad and Mom one year ago (2/14/12) Dad sent Phyllis and I out to get our Valintine Dinner, and bring them something back so they could have there's.

 As I got up today 2/14/13 to fix breakfast for Phyllis, I checked on Dad, breathing is very shallow, hardly mooned as we turned him. Breaks your hart to see him just laying there.

Valintine Dinner 2/13/14

Phyllis and myself got to go out for our annual Valentine Dinner. It was a day early because,  Phyllis had to work on 2/14. We had a very nice meal at Red Lobster.

Company 2/12/13

 Becky and JoAnn came to see Dad. Becky had always herd about The sword, but had never seen it or let alone handled it. She was excited.
               This was our Great Great Uncle's Civil War Sword Lt James Karney (Union)