Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dad 2/12/14

I see I have not made a entry for 6 days, there has been a little change. First the good news. Dad received a new air mattress yesterday, and while it was being installed, he got out of bed for a while. He was setting in hes wheel chair for a few min.That had not happened for several weeks. Second, he had company today, Joann and Becky came for a few hours, that was great.

Now for the bad news, Dad is worse. He is week er, I would estimate he weighs 100 lbs, heart is good and raspers and temp are good, but he is very week, he is in pain and is contracting, can't straighten his legs. His skin is breaking down, the bed sores are getting worse. It brakes your heart just to roll his from side to side, and change him, it all hearts, then he gets cold etc.