Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dad 2/6/13

Today was a typical day, the nurse came and his stats were down form Monday. Monday the were all 8's  128/68 heart 68 and respiration 18, today 100/40 heart 64 and respiration 16. Dad had a moor lucid moment and the ask,"have they said, how long I have". I said no, but I can tell you this, you have been in bed for 8 days. Last Monday you were walking with the walker, eating with us at the table and playing games. Then something happened, he cryed and so did I. I said, Jesus, Mom and Joe are all weighting for you, remember how in Heb 12 it talks about a great cloud of witnesses, he said he remembered. I said they are all watching you run your race , cheering you on,  and your coming to the end of your race. He cryed and so did I. I said you have been a great Dad, I only hope I have been a good son. You wanted to get all your affairs in order, they are. When your gone I will be the last  one of us 4 that's left, but I will be along after a while. Then he rested and we both weped some moor.