Friday, December 13, 2013


Today is Jimmy's birthday, he is 6 years old. To bad he had flue like symptoms, and not feeling good. Both of my grand kids are 6. For the next 2 weeks Jimmy and Zoe are both 6, then on Dec 27 Zoe will be 7.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dads last will and testament

Today Phyllis and I went to Mattoon and finished distributing Dads will. We are all done, what a releaf. We had a good visit with Pastor Roberts and Barb while in Mattoon

Thursday, May 2, 2013

5-2-13 Moving day

Today I will be driving to Chicago to help Kristy move to Muncie Indiana

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


today mother has been gone 1 year, she is missed. Phyllis and  I were talking at supper about our parents. there is know dought as to where they are. Heaven is a real place, its not just a story in a dusty old book. Its light is Jesus, He went on ahead to prepare a place for you, all you have to do is take it. A place where there is rest, stress free, no sin, etc.

 I spent the morning taking care of Dads social security, laundry, dishes and getting Phyllis' van to the shop, met Michael and took Phyllis out for supper, Ihop. A prety good day.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dad 2/19/2013 Arrangements

Dad passed away today at 1045 AM. I knew his bath lady was coming so I had him medicated so he would be pain free when she came. Doris came about 1015, I helped change his bed and roll Dad from side to side and get him comfortable after the bath. She left about 1040 and I went to check on Dad, I saw he was going, I went to get some more medication and returned in time to see him take his last breath, he was gone. peaceful.

I called hospice and said that Dad had just passed away, and send Rosie the nurse asap. Then I called Phyllis at work and she clocked out and came home. I called Doris the bath lady and told her Dad was gone, that all being done I just sat and waited for people to arrive. Rosie came first and we made arrangements to have Dad removed from the house, (which took over a hour), I helped with that also, getting Dad wrapped up and on the back board and transfer to the gurney and out to the Hersh. The local funeral home sent one person to do it all.

Mitchell Jerdon funeral home in Mattoon would drive over to the local funeral  home and pick Dad up and take him to Mattoon on the 19th. Phyllis and I left for Mattoon on the 20th to make final arrangements

Arrangements visitation will be Friday evening from 5-7 Illinois time and funeral Saturday at 11, followed by committal, then a church dinner at the Grace fellowship church

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Company 2/17/13

Jim, Kristy and Jimmy came Sunday, bringing Dinner. We had a good time.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dad and Mom (1 year ago today 2/14/12)

Dad and Mom one year ago (2/14/12) Dad sent Phyllis and I out to get our Valintine Dinner, and bring them something back so they could have there's.

 As I got up today 2/14/13 to fix breakfast for Phyllis, I checked on Dad, breathing is very shallow, hardly mooned as we turned him. Breaks your hart to see him just laying there.

Valintine Dinner 2/13/14

Phyllis and myself got to go out for our annual Valentine Dinner. It was a day early because,  Phyllis had to work on 2/14. We had a very nice meal at Red Lobster.

Company 2/12/13

 Becky and JoAnn came to see Dad. Becky had always herd about The sword, but had never seen it or let alone handled it. She was excited.
               This was our Great Great Uncle's Civil War Sword Lt James Karney (Union)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dad 2/12/14

I see I have not made a entry for 6 days, there has been a little change. First the good news. Dad received a new air mattress yesterday, and while it was being installed, he got out of bed for a while. He was setting in hes wheel chair for a few min.That had not happened for several weeks. Second, he had company today, Joann and Becky came for a few hours, that was great.

Now for the bad news, Dad is worse. He is week er, I would estimate he weighs 100 lbs, heart is good and raspers and temp are good, but he is very week, he is in pain and is contracting, can't straighten his legs. His skin is breaking down, the bed sores are getting worse. It brakes your heart just to roll his from side to side, and change him, it all hearts, then he gets cold etc.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dad 2/6/13

Today was a typical day, the nurse came and his stats were down form Monday. Monday the were all 8's  128/68 heart 68 and respiration 18, today 100/40 heart 64 and respiration 16. Dad had a moor lucid moment and the ask,"have they said, how long I have". I said no, but I can tell you this, you have been in bed for 8 days. Last Monday you were walking with the walker, eating with us at the table and playing games. Then something happened, he cryed and so did I. I said, Jesus, Mom and Joe are all weighting for you, remember how in Heb 12 it talks about a great cloud of witnesses, he said he remembered. I said they are all watching you run your race , cheering you on,  and your coming to the end of your race. He cryed and so did I. I said you have been a great Dad, I only hope I have been a good son. You wanted to get all your affairs in order, they are. When your gone I will be the last  one of us 4 that's left, but I will be along after a while. Then he rested and we both weped some moor.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dad 2/5/13

Dads down turn happened one week ago, last Tuesday. Last Monday he was walking with his walker, eating, and talking (you know Dad one or two word thoughts). One week later he is laying in bed, eating only pudding or yogurt, it took him two days to finish a protean drink. His BP yesterday was 128/68 heart rate 68 breaths  18 per min. Keep him in your prayers.

Company 2/3/13

Jim, Kristy and Jimmy visited Sunday afternoon on their way back to Chicago.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dad 2/3/13

Dad is a tough old bird, he is asking for food, we will see what happens. We are feeding him pudding and yogart. Thanks for your prayers

Company 2/2/13

Michael and Zoe stoped by and Zoe stayed the night, here is what Zoe was doing after playing abc.mouse for a while. She was playing on Phyllis' kindle. She started in a chair, then the floor, its hard for a 6 year old to set still.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dad 2/2/13

 Dad was up for several hours yesterday, and that just wore him out. He did wake up at 5:00 today and again at 6:30 AM, he had some apple juice and back to bed. Other than meds and rolling from side to side its been a quite day. He is confused a lot when he is awake.

 Dad has been in bed all day, not moving at all.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Jim, Kristy and Jimmy stoped by on their way to Indy, we had a good visit. Zoe got inducted into Daisy's to night

Dad, Jan 31, 2013

Dad is  holding his own, he has regular meds ever 4 hours (morphine 5 mg and lorazapam 0.5), and is turned at each med dose. The nurse came today BP is 138/70, irregular hart at 76,  temp is 98.5. He is eating nothing, fluid input is down to a few sips at a time, urine normal color. spewdum has changed color, from a white frothy  to a light tan, don't know what that means? Dad is resting now.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dad, turn of events

Since Mom passed  (February 27, 2012) Dad has been living with Phyllis and my self at our house. Since her passing we have visited the home place several times checking on  the house and attending Church. Dad has enjoyed the visits. He has not had a easy time of it here, in and out of the hospital twice, on and off of hospice and home care, now he is on hospice. We did manage to sell the house in Illinois, signing the paper work on Dec 21, that was a blessing. Dad is moving slower all the time, unsure of his steps, afraid he is going to fall. All he wants to do is get his affairs in order (which he has) and go home to be with Jesus and Mom. Dad was doing well, untill this morning when he woke up calling my name at 6:30. He had labored breathing, with raddling, we gave him a neb and raised the head of the bed. He woke up around 10 we dressed him and fixed breakfast. He just sat there stairing at the food, later had chills, with a temp of 100. Hospice was called, the nurse took his temp and it was 102,  he has been in bed all day, on comcort meds only. Yesterday he was walking, talking and today is bedfast, what a turn of events.