Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chicago day 3

This is the third day I am taking care of Jimmy. Jim will come home tonight, and we will have a birthday for Kristy and a belated one for Jim ( better late than never) I had breakfast of omlets toast, milk , coffie and etc. I had it all ready by the time they all came to the table. Well Kristy is off to school, Phyllis is taking a nap, Jimmy is in his own worl, he is playing with his toy jet and had it ower his head and then in his towes and slowley lowered it to his eyes.

this morning Phyllis and I took him to dupage Il childrens museum and closed the place down at 4. We came home and had supper and gave Jim and Krisry their birthday presents. What a day. Phyllis and I will be leaving tomorrow morning I have to go see a Dr back in Lafayette