Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Indianapolis Mini Marathon 5/2/09

May 2nd 2009 was a great day, temp was in the 50's and cloudy, a perfect day for a race. This is the One America Mini Marathon in Indianapolis a 13.1 mile race. This is what I was looking at as I started the race. It ran from down town Indy to the Indianapolis 500 mile track, around the track and back down town. This was how many people were in front of me. The race was divided into 26 catagories (A-Z ) I was in "Y" . I finished the race in about 3 hours and 45 min. Just for giggles I had my iphone counting my steps 994 steps per mile 12,922 to compleat the race. For the first 11 miles I averaged 15 min miles then I got tired and slowed to 18 min miles. anyone want to try it next year?, this was my 4th year. When I checked in the night befor I found out there were about 50,000 signed up for the race and a additional 15,000 for the 5K which was ran after all of us in the mini had started (swine flue any one).

Zoe & Jimmy

Phyllis and I were at Jim and Kristy' last week end helping they get their house ready to sell. At one time Pe Pa took the kids out side to play