Thursday, February 12, 2009

Federal Taxes Accepted / FAFSA forms

That's always a load off your shoulders. @7:26 PM today my federal taxes were accepted, after just being send 1 1/2 hours earlier. I got a hold of a nice man at Tax Cut and he walked me through the editing of a form, and that corrected the problem. Also a nice lady at IRS gave me some important information. Now I am just weighting for the State to come through. Update, all taxes are filed and accepted 2-13-09

Today Michael transmitted his FAFSA forms. The thought occurred to me today, my son is sitting in my house using my computer, reading instructions on how to fill out a form, so he can go to college. So out of the blue I ask him, did you think a year ago, you would be doing this? He said, no, as you can tell he talks a lot He is thinking about 1/2 time in the fall to study HVAC.
The picture's are from Zoe's day care, she had a Valentine's party, and parents and grandparents were invited.