Monday, August 29, 2011

On the range

I went out the other day and fired my Mossburg ATR 100 rifle. Its a 30-06 with a scope one it. I am retired army and shot expert. Well after 15 rounds it was frustrating not to even hit the paper. I was discouraged and was leaving. You see I had never fired a rifle with a scope on it. Well there was another shooter firing on a Augustan range and he had a spotter scope. I hooked up with him and with in 5 rounds I had the scope zeroed and every thing was in the black This is a picture of my rifle, mine is brown.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chicago 4th day

Every one is up and running. Jimmy is at school, Kristy is at school, Jim is at work in his office here at home, Phyllis is up and sewing, and I am retired He he he he he he ha ha ha ha. I have made a Dr appointment today is Lafayette, so will be driving back to Lafayette to meet that appointment. Phyllis and I have had a good time here in Chicago.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chicago day 3

This is the third day I am taking care of Jimmy. Jim will come home tonight, and we will have a birthday for Kristy and a belated one for Jim ( better late than never) I had breakfast of omlets toast, milk , coffie and etc. I had it all ready by the time they all came to the table. Well Kristy is off to school, Phyllis is taking a nap, Jimmy is in his own worl, he is playing with his toy jet and had it ower his head and then in his towes and slowley lowered it to his eyes.

this morning Phyllis and I took him to dupage Il childrens museum and closed the place down at 4. We came home and had supper and gave Jim and Krisry their birthday presents. What a day. Phyllis and I will be leaving tomorrow morning I have to go see a Dr back in Lafayette

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicago 2nd day

Today is 8/10 @ 8:58 AM. I have Jimmy off to school, breakfast was egg in a hole. I got a part at Home Depot so will install it and see if it works. Kristy showed me Pandora on my iphone and boy I like it, 4 part southern gospel is all it plays, that great.
I have a Yaesu FT 817 running 2.5 watts SSB on 40 mtr, I am using a base loaded 10 foot whip and have made contacts in Hibbing MN and Iron River Mi, thats 400 miles from Chicago. Will try 20 Mtr now. Just made a contack in Md on 20 mtr SSB

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am doing my Pepaw thing this week in Chicago. Jim has a 3 day meeting at his company HQ. I give Jimmy his breakfast, pick him up after school, supper, bath and play time and the rest of the time is mine. Wow, that's Pepaw time. I play on the computer, Ham radio, etc.

Mom and Dad's 68 wedding anniversary

picture taken at Codys Road House, Mattoon Illinois 8/6/2011. Actual anniversary is 8/8 (Dad says it the 7th or the 9th He can't remember)