Thursday, January 31, 2013


Jim, Kristy and Jimmy stoped by on their way to Indy, we had a good visit. Zoe got inducted into Daisy's to night

Dad, Jan 31, 2013

Dad is  holding his own, he has regular meds ever 4 hours (morphine 5 mg and lorazapam 0.5), and is turned at each med dose. The nurse came today BP is 138/70, irregular hart at 76,  temp is 98.5. He is eating nothing, fluid input is down to a few sips at a time, urine normal color. spewdum has changed color, from a white frothy  to a light tan, don't know what that means? Dad is resting now.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dad, turn of events

Since Mom passed  (February 27, 2012) Dad has been living with Phyllis and my self at our house. Since her passing we have visited the home place several times checking on  the house and attending Church. Dad has enjoyed the visits. He has not had a easy time of it here, in and out of the hospital twice, on and off of hospice and home care, now he is on hospice. We did manage to sell the house in Illinois, signing the paper work on Dec 21, that was a blessing. Dad is moving slower all the time, unsure of his steps, afraid he is going to fall. All he wants to do is get his affairs in order (which he has) and go home to be with Jesus and Mom. Dad was doing well, untill this morning when he woke up calling my name at 6:30. He had labored breathing, with raddling, we gave him a neb and raised the head of the bed. He woke up around 10 we dressed him and fixed breakfast. He just sat there stairing at the food, later had chills, with a temp of 100. Hospice was called, the nurse took his temp and it was 102,  he has been in bed all day, on comcort meds only. Yesterday he was walking, talking and today is bedfast, what a turn of events.