Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mother June 30, 1917 to Feb 27, 2012

Mother passed away after fighting with Liver failure Feb 27, 2012. Dad called me Jan 16 and I went home to help take care of them, staying their and bring Dad home to live with Phyllis and myself March 5, 2012. Dad, Phyllis and I were there at her passing in their home. Let me tell you the rest of the story now. I don't know if you believe in Jesus Christ or not, but here is what happened. Mom had become to weak to take care of herself, hospice was called in, they were a life saver. Several days before her passing she was to weak to take care of herself, she stoped eating and drinking. Her breathing became so shallow that Phyllis and I were felling for a pulse, we could not feel one. She took a shallow breath and although she had been nonverbal for several days ,her eyes were closed, and her lips formed to word (wow) and then another (wow) and she was gone. You see although we could not see them, the angles were dispatch from heaven to escort her home. Thank you Jesus