Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camp Atterbury / JROTC camp

( they get dirty also ) have fun, and learn teamwork

I repeated this for 4 days, the dirtier they got the moor they enjoyed it.

July 21-24 I was at Camp Atterbury helping to train 222 high school kits. The kids were all in JROTC at school (jr reserve officer training course). I was involved in part of the leader ship reaction, others were working with the repelling tower, swimming and land navigation. My part was in two parts, 1st. taking a wounded soldier off the battle field, giving first aid and negotiating obstacles (a stretcher and a 5 gal water bucket full of holes, that they had to patch and go through the obstacles with out letting the bucked run dry). the 2nd part learning how to build a 2 roap bridge, and tie a swiss seat around them. the roap was 125 foot long and the river was about 75 feet wide. 220 graduated on Saturday the 25. The kids came from Indianapolis, Gary and Evansville Indiana. there were about 30 IGR personnel and maybe 25 teachers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kristy and Jim

The week end of July the 4th Dristy and Jim moved to Chicago. Involved in the move were Jim's parents and Kristy parents. The short verson is the truckes and cars are unloaded and most things are set in place